Comics have been around for a long time. While mainstream print comics have been slowly in decline, the medium has found a growing home online. With a low cost of entry it was only natural that the internet would entice new and old creators to publish their creations digitally, completely bypassing the traditionally gated access to readers.

After posting my first webcomic in the late 90s, I always enjoyed finding and reading the independently created comics of the internet. However, as the years carried on, webcomics have become increasingly popular! New webcomics pop up constantly and it has become increasingly harder to find those gems.

WirePop started its life as a webcomic subscription site in the early 2000s. As with all things, the era of subscription websites came and went. Now WirePop has been reborn to continue its mission: Help people find new webcomics!

Whether you’re a reader eager to find your next webcomic addiction or a creator looking to spread the word about your creation, WirePop is here to provide that connection. Just like the days when you would browse the comic racks in your local comic shop, WirePop is a visual webcomic directory for you to peruse. Go to the Explore page and narrow down your search or see what is currently Popular! And always be sure to leave a review for your favorite webcomics!



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